How to Build Value When You Sell

Are you selling by focusing on your products, services and company — or by focusing on what the customer wants and needs? There’s an important distinction here.

Focusing on how you can benefit the customer and deliver solutions to their challenges can make you stand out from the competition. It can also make price less of a factor in the decision-making process. It’s all about defining how your products or services provide value to the customer, and then communicating that clearly.

Follow these tips to start focusing on value, not features, in your sales efforts:

  • Define your target audience, and narrow it if necessary. Many companies and sales people focus on a wide target audience that may or may not really need their products or services. You’ll use your time more efficiently, and see a better return on your sales and marketing initiatives, if you focus on a well-defined target audience that can truly use and benefit from what you’re selling.
  • Identify what matters to this audience. Once you’ve identified your target audience, determine what their biggest challenges and concerns are. What are their frustrations? What are their concerns or questions before purchasing a product or service like yours?
  • Focus on benefits and solutions, not features. Sure, your product or service has a lot of great features. But don’t just rattle off a list of features and specs. Instead, focus on how those features will benefit the customer. This puts the emphasis on the overall value your particular product or service provides.
  • Highlight outcomes. Paint a clear picture of how your product or service can solve the challenges and frustrations the customer faces. Provide concrete, quantifiable data when available, such as average cost or time savings. Share detailed testimonials from happy customers and case studies that demonstrate how your company solved a particular challenge for a customer.
  • Continue providing value after the sale. Follow up to ensure customers are satisfied and their expectations were met. Respond quickly to any questions or issues that arise, and ensure that your customer service team is providing stellar service. Stay top of mind by sending e-mails with tips for using your products, and periodically use promotional products as a thank you gift.

Putting your customers’ needs first and focusing on the value you provide to them will help ensure that your products and services don’t become a commodity.

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