5 Proven Lead Generation Tactics

Every business needs leads to keep new sales coming in. Without new leads a business can not grow. In today’s digital market there are a multitude of channels at your fingertips, but what actually works? To help, we’ve put together this list of proven ways for expanding or enhancing your lead generation efforts.

  1. Referrals – Ask your existing customers for referrals. When they make a purchase, give them coupons redeemable for a discount, rebate, or free service if they refer someone to your business. Give the person they refer the same offer.
  2. Provide an incentive – Offer a free gift, discount, trial subscription, or no-obligation evaluation — something that gets people to try your business.
  3. Add value – Add the perception of value by offering a free service or promotional item with a purchase.
  4. Cross-marketing – Team up with related but non-competing companies to market your businesses together. Include flyers with purchases, promote discounts, or provide punch cards. Offer your cross-marketing partners discounted gift certificates that they can use as a thank-you gift for their customers.
  5. Content marketing – Chances are good that many of your prospects are researching your business and products online before they contact you. Create a favorable impression of your company by writing and sharing helpful articles and white papers. Post them on your website or blog and social media sites, and hand out copies at trade shows and networking events. Be sure to include your contact information!

Last but not least, be strategic about the questions you ask on your lead capture forms. You want to balance getting enough information to qualify and nurture your leads without asking more questions than your prospects are willing to answer. You’ll want to ask for name, email, and no more than one or two other pertinent questions, such as budget or biggest sales challenge.

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