Conquer Social Media in 5 Easy Steps

Social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seems to have become something that “everyone” does. Whether you participate on a personal level or not, these websites can be incredibly useful from a marketing standpoint. However, it is vital that you utilize them properly to get the best results.

So, how can you take your company into the world of social media in a way that allows you to make a positive impact on customers and potential customers? While it may take a little effort and practice to master things, these five tips will help you get started.

  1. Find Your Social Home – Each social media network has a different feeling to it. Some people and businesses feel at home on Facebook, others on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Check out the major players and find one that feels right to you.
  2. Don’t Preach, Teach – Use social media as a social tool. Don’t constantly “preach” about how wonderful your product is. Use the networks to share useful information and interesting tidbits. Your customers will want to tune in again.
  3. Be Genuine – Use these networks to give your clients a look inside your firm. Many people will appreciate getting to see the personal side of your firm.
  4. Have Fun – Most of your customers tune into their favorite social media networks because they enjoy spending time there. Share funny messages, pictures and other “fun” elements. You will encourage guests to come again.
  5. Participate – Don’t just be a silent being, get in there and participate. Chat, talk and be part of the conversation. You’ll make connections with your followers that you couldn’t otherwise make.

Social media can be overwhelming at first. Don’t be afraid to jump in and get started. Take it slow and start connecting with your customers. You may find that the clients become fans quickly, and if you’re lucky, followers will become customers too!

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