Marketing in 2017 – Are You Ready?

With the start of the new year, it is time for all companies (large and small) to rethink their marketing practices. Before you make plans for the year ahead, take a look at five big marketing considerations for 2017.

  • Combining Direct Marketing with Online Tools – Direct marketing is far from dead. In fact, direct marketing can be an incredible way to drive your online marketing campaigns. Just remember, today’s audience is savvy and lives in an internet driven world. Your direct marketing campaign must be something special to catch the attention of your would-be customers.
  • Mobile Friendly is a Must – Your website and other online properties may be accessed from computers at times, but a vast majority of web users today are accessing the internet from mobile devices. Go the extra mile to make your website works properly and looks good on all mobile devices.
  • Content Marketing – Content marketing has grown in importance over the past few years. This isn’t changing. If you are not already using content marketing as part of your online advertising campaigns, now is the time to do so.
  • The Role of the Social Influencer – Having those social media accounts isn’t enough, you need to interact and engage with your audience. If you want to succeed in the world of social media, you need others who are helping you achieve your goals. Enter, the social influencer. Connect with those in your industry who have a social impact, and you’ll immediately see that it is much easier to reach your social media marketing goals.
  • Wearables are a Norm – Probably the biggest change currently happening in the world of marketing has to do with wearables. Your customers are using devices like the Apple Watch that allow them to stay connected at all times. How can use this tool to benefit you? Find out how to get on the radar and create connections that allow you to reach out to your customer base—even if they aren’t looking at their computer or phone. For example, Healthcare companies are starting to connect with customers wearing smart watches to collect data such as blood pressure, heart rate and number of steps taken per day.

No matter what your marketing plans for the year ahead, you must be willing to grow and change if you hope to get ahead. Take a look at your competitors and find out what they are doing, and figure out what you will need to do to compete.

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