Do You Need an App for That?

Look at your smartphone sometime and notice how many different apps you have for various companies. It seems like nearly every business wants you to download its app, rather than just conducting business through the website. In some cases, it makes sense. In others? The decision is a bit tougher How can you decide if an app is right for you?
Benefits of Apps
•    Accessibility – Apps make you easy to find since customers don’t have to switch devices. All it takes is a tap, and your clients can reach you.
•    Marketing – Having an app allows you to deliver news and updates via push notification. Plus, the brand awareness that comes when your customers see your logo on their phone every day cannot be measured.
•    Customer Relations – You make it easy for customers to reach you. Whether they need technical help, customer support, or they want to purchase something, you are always there.
•    Sales – Since your app is always available, you will likely close sales faster—before customers can change their mind.
•    Connect with Reality – You can use an app as a “connection point” between your live customers and online customers. Print a QR code on promo materials in your store and make downloading the app easy for your customers.
So Why Not?
With all of the benefits, it seems like apps are a no-brainer, right? It’s important to remember that there is a cost involved in creating and maintaining an app. If your company does a small amount of online business (and you don’t plan to grow that), it may not be worthwhile. Additionally, an excellent website is even more important, so focus on that first, and consider adding an app later.
Apps are a way of life today, and many don’t realize how much goes into creating one that is useful to the customer and beneficial to the company. Spend some time reviewing others’ apps and find out what you like, and don’t like before you jump in and have one created for your firm.

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