Why Send Happy Birthday Emails?

So, why should you go to the trouble of sending your customers a happy birthday message each year? Mainly, because as a form of marketing, it works.

It can be challenging to decide what kind of outreach messages you send clients. However, the birthday email is special. No matter what the content, it is automatically highly personal. By taking the time to wish your customer a happy birthday, you will be remembered. According to the marketing experts at Experian, the happy birthday email is much more likely to be opened  (and in turn achieve results) than other message styles with an open rate of 89% transaction return rate of around 481%.

If you decide to send out messages on your customers’ special days, how do you get the best results possible? Consider these tips:

  • Connect the Message with a Deal – When the promotion seems timely (i.e., contact us during your birth month to receive 20% off), you encourage prompt action.
  • Take Care with the Subject Line – When creating marketing emails, one of the most important things you do is create the subject line. Make sure this is something that both elicits interest and indicates that it is a birthday-related message.
  • Personalize It – More so than with any other message you send, make sure and include the customers’ name and other info throughout. Personalization can help the message resonate even further.
  • Be Genuine – While your ultimate goal is to market your product or service, create the message in such a way that your customers feel good about your brand and receiving the message. After all, you are intruding on a very special day. An authentic, genuine email will get you far with this style of message.

A well-written happy birthday email can achieve more than you ever thought possible. Don’t be afraid to add this to your bag of marketing tricks.


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