4 Ways to Remain Personal in a Mobile-Savvy World

Today, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices are incredibly common. That means that more and more business is done through mobile and the internet in general. While these techniques can be extremely effective from sales and marketing standpoints, it is important that you don’t let mobile connections take the place of more personal methods of connecting with your customers. We’ve put together a list of four ways that you can keep it personal, in an increasingly mobile world.

  1. Answer the Phone – While offering customer service through live chat, email or even Twitter can be useful in some cases, in others, it simply will not work. Don’t make your customers constantly play phone tag to reach a real person. A live voice on the end of the line is so much more inviting.
  2.  Keep the Social in Social Media – It’s easy for Facebook and Twitter to become a constant stream of product ads and sales announcements. Don’t let this happen. Use these social media tools to connect with your customers in new and exciting ways.
  3.  Personalize Contact – Email marketing is extremely useful. However, a boring, spam email is not as effective as a personally crafted message. It may take some time and effort, but reaching out on a personal basis will have a big impact on your customer relationships.
  4. Ask for Input – Your customers have an opinion about your business, products, and even your marketing methods. Ask for input and don’t be afraid to respond. Opening the lines of communication is easier than it has ever been. Why not take advantage of any feedback that is available?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to not letting automation take over your customer relationships. Putting in a little effort to stay in touch and engage with your customers will pay off both today and in the future.

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