Are You Live Streaming? Should You?

It seems like every time you turn around there is a new social media tool available. A few years ago, all you needed was a Facebook or Twitter account, and you were good to go. That’s not the case anymore. To win the social media marketing game, you must take advantage of these new tools and make sure you are an early adopter. The most important new tool today is live streaming. Discover exactly why you need to be using this method of connecting with your customers and “fans.”

What is Live Streaming Anyway?
Live streaming is a form of internet content (video) that is delivered to the end user live. Much like a live television show, your audience can see the “programming” as it is delivered. Many of the live streaming formats have a chat function so that you, as the presenter, can receive messages and engage in discussions with your audience. Another attractive feature of live streams is the ability to create “panel” discussions. While this isn’t available for all live streaming programs, YouTube, for one, boasts this as a feature. While the stream is accessible “live,” most platforms will record the program so that it can be replayed later for those who couldn’t catch the live feed. To put it simply, live streaming allows you to create live video casts anytime, anywhere–something that just a few years ago seemed impossible.

How Can You Live Stream?
Many of today’s biggest social media platforms now offer the ability to connect with an audience using a live stream. YouTube and Facebook are popular choices for live streaming, and you may already have an account. There are also additional services that are dedicated to live streaming—such as Periscope. If you have ever recorded a video, you’ll find live streaming to be simple. You simply need a webcam/microphone, or you can use a smartphone to create a simple video feed. In most cases, you can set up your stream to display to followers via social media, so that people know when to find you live.

There is a lot of information online regarding live streaming, so if this is something that interests you, check out the links below. Like many social media tools, things are constantly changing. Make sure you obtain up-to-date info so that you can take advantage of every opportunity available to you!

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