Increasing Your Contacts With In-Store Sign Ups

Staying in contact with your audience is important for building trust and making the most out of every lead. You’ve already spent time and energy to get your lead through your door and interested in your brand, getting them to opt-in for future emails means a higher chance they will return for your products or services in the future. Electronic messages are able to be viewed on smartphones or computers, making them one of the best ways to stay engaged with your audience.

Have Employees Promoting Sign-Ups

Include a signup option at every cash register or at your reception area and instruct employees to ask if customers want to sign up. Emphasize a benefit, such as a discount or rewards program that will be likely to increase how many visitors take time to sign up. Make the process as easy as possible, only asking for the most basic information to help you send them the right information.

Act Immediately

Send out a welcome email of some sort within the first 24 hours after you get a lead to sign up to ensure your contacts remember singing up for your emails. You want to make initial contact when the sign-up is still fresh in their minds. You might even offer a discount with the first email to help them see immediate benefits.

Differentiate Your Lists

If possible, track which users have come to your physical store verses spending time on your website. You can appeal to local buyers with different information than those who have only experienced your brand virtually.

Host Events

In order to create buzz about your company and increase your contacts list, think about hosting a local event. You may partner with other companies, but you will be the event headliner. You might have a lecturer, party, exhibit, presentation or other form of an event, all based on the nature of your brand. Look for ways to provide your audience with value and then you can require attendees to sign up on your email list for updates, event tickets and more. The goal is to get a list of contacts that will choose to stay on after the event. Again, you will want to make sure you are setting this list apart from other contacts, as they are active locally and have some kind of interest in the event you had scheduled.

Make Opt-Out Easy

Finally, it is too important to forget to mention that all email opt-outs should be very easy. Use an opt-out option at the very bottom of your email and give it the power to immediately opt the user out. You do not want to be marked as spam by a frustrated user. Your brand reputation can be hurt when users feel as though you are irritating.

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