Why Spring is the Ideal Time to Replace Floor Mats

Spring seems to be a time for cleaning, refreshing and making things new again. There are certainly a lot of projects around your building, business or property that you need to take care of, I’m sure! One task you may not have considered is replacing your logo mats. So, why is spring such a perfect time to replace your mats? Consider these four reasons, for starters.

  • A New Mat May Better Protect Your Floor from Spring Rains – Spring means rain. Mats such as the Aqua Dam mat are designed to keep water off your floor and out of your building. It will be much easier to keep your building clean.
  • New Mats Add Color and Shine – With all of the spring cleaning you are doing, why put back down that dull, boring rug? A new promo mat will make your entry area look bold and bright once again.
  • A Newer Mat Can Be Safer – With a new mat, you will most likely have improved safety. Mats today include safety features such as anti-slip grip. Even if your old mat was designed for slip resistance, it could have worn down over the years. Check out the available options and pick a mat that will keep you and your guests from slipping.
  • It Might Be Time for A Marketing Boost – If your old rug is plain, or if your logo has faded, you are doing yourself no favors from a marketing standpoint. A new promo mat can be an affordable way to build your marketing campaign.

Check out the options available in promo mats from us at PromoMatting and make the leap. It’s spring, and it is time to make changes. This is one of the best changes you can make. Give us a call or check us out online. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect mat for your entry area this spring.

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