4 Tips to Creating an Unforgettable Slogan

Do you have a slogan for your company or top product lines yet? If not, it is probably not for lack of trying. There is not many things much harder than trying to create a slogan that captures the essence of your brand in just a few words. Think “You’re in good hands with Allstate” or “Snickers really satisfies.” Those slogans, and others like them, are as memorable as the brands they represent. We’ve put together four quick tips to help make slogan creation a little easier on you.

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet – In your eagerness to tell your customers as much about your company or product as possible, don’t get wordy. The most memorable and effective slogans are usually seven words or less.
  2. Focus on Differences – What makes you different from your competition? Is your product faster, cheaper, safer, bigger? Differences are a good thing when it comes to marketing as it makes it easier for you to be memorable.  This is an ideal place to start from when creating a slogan.
  3.  Stand Alone – A good slogan doesn’t need explanation. We can all figure out what being in good hands with Allstate means, or how Snickers satisfies. If the slogan needs to be explained, it’s not the right one.
  4. Consider Your Market – Marketing to millennials requires a slightly different touch than marketing to baby boomers. Focus on the pain points of your target market to get the best impact with your slogan once it is in use.

Remember, the companies that have the most effective slogans likely didn’t come up with them overnight. In fact, they most likely hired  brand development experts to create the slogan—so don’t be afraid to take your time, or hire an outside company.

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