How to Excel at Word of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a very effective marketing tactic. Research has shown that people trust recommendations from people they know (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) more than they do advertising or other marketing mediums.

Below are some ways you can get people talking about your company and create positive word-of-mouth buzz.

Build a Strong Foundation

The first step is to give people a reason to talk about your company and your products or services! Find ways to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations through product quality, fast order fulfillment, and great customer service. This will go a long way in building customer trust, making people more likely to talk about and recommend your company.

Make a Connection

Brands that benefit the most from word-of-mouth are usually brands that customers can identify with. Think of Apple, Harley Davidson, and Jeep — brands with strong identities that customers can feel part of and proud of. Find a unique edge for your business, whether it’s an eye-catching product design, a wacky advertising campaign or a strong company culture. Then promote that in ways the customer can understand and be part of.

Ideas for making a connection with customers include:

  • Giving customers logo’d promotional products they can use with pride, such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles and travel mugs
  • Using social media to interact with your company’s fans and encourage engagement
  • Creating a loyalty program with rewards participants will value
  • Sharing customer testimonials in your marketing materials

Be a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is a powerful way to demonstrate the expertise of your company’s leadership and keep your business top of mind with customers and prospects. Here are some ways your company can become a thought leader:

  • Publish articles, white papers, surveys and reports on key topics your audience cares about. Post them to your website and share them via social media.
  • Have company leaders speak or present at conferences, seminars, business networking meetings and other industry or community events.
  • Cultivate a relationship with key media contacts. Let them know that executives from your company are available to provide information and quotes for their articles.
  • Blog about key issues and information relevant to your customers.

The best word-of-mouth marketing comes from being committed to consistently providing value to your customers. The ideas shared above can help strengthen your overall marketing and your company reputation.

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