5 Signs It’s Time For a New Website

Now, more than ever, your website is a vital marketing tool. Your customers find you and connect with you online. The internet has changed a lot in the past 15 to 20 years. However, has your website? Take a good, hard look at your site from your customers’ perspective and see if it is time for a website redesign. Here are five signs the time is now!

  • You Utilize Flash or JavaScript—Heavily – While there are some cases that these languages are useful, many times they are overused. If you have a Flash intro or expect your customers to click through JavaScript slideshow to learn about your product, your site is out of date.
  • Mobile isn’t a Priority – A HUGE percentage of people browse the web on mobile devices today. Your website should make mobile viewers a priority, not an afterthought. Additionally, a mobile site performs better in terms of SEO.
  • Your Site is Hard to Navigate – Usability is key to a successful website. Your site may look good – design wise – but if your customers can’t find the information they need then it has failed at it’s job.
  • Updating is Hard – Today, it is easy to update most basic websites using tools like WordPress. If your HTML or CSS is so old and clunky that you have to update it line by line to get results, it may be time to cut loose and start from scratch.
  • Things Are Broken – Broken links, animations or images on your website give it a highly unprofessional look. If anything is broken, fix it. It may not take as much effort as you think and the results can be incredible.

Today, it isn’t that difficult to create a page that looks good and gets results. If web design isn’t your cup of tea, consider hiring someone to take on your refresh. No matter how you tackle it, the results will be well worth it.

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