Custom Matting – A Must Have Promo Product

Marketing a product, service or brand often involves many different angles, with promotional products being just one piece in a larger puzzle. One way you will improve your position in the marketplace is by building strong relationships with your clients. To do that, you have to deliver quality promotional products that are both useful and meaningful.

There are many options out there. You’ve probably looked through endless catalogs and wondered what makes a polo shirt better than a cooler bag. In reality, there’s not much difference between most promo gifts you can give your customers—with the exception of a few, and it particular, custom matting.

Think about it. All your customers have doors. Whether they have a retail space or not, your customers do have an entry way that is used daily by employees, vendors, and their customers. What better way for you to get your name out there than by providing custom matting that can be used in this doorway. In addition to offering excellent brand awareness for you, this promotional gift is one that will stand out among all of the golf shirts and coffee cups—mainly because it is useful and thoughtful. It will provide them with the branding exposure they desire, while improving their building appearance and keeping their floors safe and clean. After all, who needs another coffee cup?

One argument you may have is that custom matting seems too expensive to use as a promo product. Well you will be surprised to learn a promo mat is not that expensive when you add up the money it can help save. When you consider cleaning costs, less accidents, and the cost per impression (less than a penny), custom mats can actually end up paying for themselves.

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